Zanzibar, Tanzania

This charming island in Tanzania is a place of highly interesting cultural heritage and its tropical settings make it a very desirable tourist destination. It is called Spice Island by some, and it is not difficult to tell why, for its reputation concerning spices and food is international. So, make sure to pack your bags and create your own personal stories that include the unique experience of this remarkable place.



Stone Town

This old town is a fascinating cultural combination of the Islamic and Indian civilizations and the historical sites that it offers are numerous. You can visit the Sultan’s Palace, now a museum, the Old Fort, built for defense against the Portuguese in the centuries long gone by, The Hamamni Persian Baths from the 19th century, or the House of Wanders, an informative  museum giving you a deeper insight into the Zanzibar and Swahili heritage. When you get tired of the history and buildings, take a stroll in the beautiful Forodhani Gardens and grab something to eat in the displayed street food market.

Zanzibar Butterfly Center                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If you want to learn something about the amazing butterfly species of Tanzania, this is the place you must include in your travel plans. The Center is a delight of every nature lover and one of the famous sites in Zanzibar.


Chumbe Island

This natural sanctuary boasts with many species of flora and fauna, as well as untamed forests and amazing coral reefs. You can take a guided walk or enjoy some of the recreational activities, such as snorkeling and swimming.


Dolphin Dhow Cruises

Don’t miss this amazing and incredibly romantic cruise through which you will enjoy the mysterious Indian Ocean, the playful dolphins as the cruise’s faithful companions and the unforgettable sunset.


Spice Tour

Take a guided tour through the spice farms to learn more about the taste, smell and the skill of this specific Zanzibar trademark.



No vacation is complete without beaches, and Zanzibar offers plenty of those. The most popular are the ones in Nungwi and Kendwa, but that doesn’t exclude all the others that you can discover.



The eating in Zanzibar is a truly unique experience, not just because of the food, but the settings as well. For example, the famous restaurant The Rock is literally situated on a rock in the ocean and offers amazing seafood, in combination with whimsical scenery. Emerson Spice Café is, on the other hand, situated inside a 19th century Sultan’s palace. It also serves dinners on its rooftop. Not to mention you can try some really unusual dishes, such as coconut chili king fish in banana leafs. Of course, there is no shortage of international menus, one of them offered in the restaurant La Taverna, known for its amazing Italian cuisine. Eating in Zanzibar is an experience that includes all of the senses and offers a well-rounded life event  that would be shameful to miss.