World’s Best Islands For Snorkeling

We love immersing ourselves into the sea, and feel our senses awaken in its crystal blue clear waters. Our breath slows  down while the  pulse  rate quickens. Into the blue, this different world surprises with every glance. Alongside a  vibrant reef, colours blend into your eyes  and shapes  gleam as through from  one’s surreal imagination. Thus,if you are  a lover of the art or activity of snorkelling, what one needs is a list of islands where one can  spend their entire vacation  scuba diving. Let us therefore check out some places.


1)Santa Catalina, California

Dive into the temperate waters of Lover’s Cove on Santa Catalina. Situated a mere  distance of  22 miles off  the coast of greater Los Angeles, this place  sweeps you away into a kelp forest, while  light beams sparkle and sway beneath the green canopy of kelp. Did you know? That a sea grass can grow upto one foot a day.


2)Dimakya Island, Philippines

If you wish to boast of true bragging rights in the world of  snorkeling, then take the effort to  swim with dugongs. This rare, extremely skittish and highly endangered marine mammal is closely related to the manatee, the mermaids of yore. They  can grow upto 9 feet long and 1,000 pounds. They  regularly dine amongst  the sea grass beds near tiny Dimakya Island in the Philippines. As a matter of fact,Dimakya is one of the only places in the world where an in-water dugong encounter is not  just likely, it often involves a friendly and lengthy meet-and-greet with these extra- ordinary creatures. The added  intimacy and solitude of snorkeling is the only way to keep from scaring them off. Look into their eyes and feel both their feral spirit and curiosity; it will be forever etched  in your memory. As you manage some moments with this mythical mermaid, wander off to the shallow and bio-rich house reef that surrounds the island like a fairy ring. Try and devote time with stingrays, green sea turtles, clouds of reef tropicals and even passing manta rays. Club Paradise, the only resort on the island, will sweep you away between blue adventures with its five-star barefoot elegance and utter quiet.


3)Uepi Island, Solomon Islands

This snorkeling destination is nestled in the life-rich tropical haven of the Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands, and in almost any spot along its coast, one can wade in and explore one of the most captivating and bio-diverse underwater ecosystems on the planet. Above these colorful woods  of hard and soft coral, sponges and seafans, legions of wildly colored reef fish flow over the reef like living rivers. One can share their snorkeling notes with other guests at the Uepi Resort, and enjoy taking off on a new adventure each day.  Did you also know that snorkeling has heart healthy and brain healthy benefits such as destressing and boosting blood circulation? Also,how can you forget that staying in sea water not only cleanses your skin but also detoxes your mind? Well. What are you waiting for. Pack your bags and add snorkeling to your bucket list. Now.