What to see in Taipei, Taiwan?

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan that is definitely becoming a tourist hot spot. It is modern and ancient, multicultural and exciting, vibrant with old wisdom of the centuries and highly contemporary entertainment. We chose few of the numerous things worthy of seeing to represent in this short article. The rest we will leave up to you, for, although every destination requires some research before visiting, traveling would be indeed a very boring endeavor without some mystery left to unravel.

What to see:

Dihua Street

This popular, lively street used to be the center of the Lunar New Year celebrations and various Chinese medicine shops. Nowadays, it is a vibrant center of contemporary life, with its many shops, cafes and restaurants.

The National Palace Museum

Everyone who would like to learn as much as it is possible about the local history and culture, would be well advised to visit this amazing, informative museum.

Taipei Zoo

If in mood for some fun, make sure to visit Taipei Zoo, which is among the largest zoos in Asia.

Zhongshan Hall

Constructed in the 1930-ties, by the Emperor Hirohito, this amazing architectural wonder is a historical site not to be missed.

Shilin Night Market

Night markets in Taiwan are very popular and Shilin is one of the most popular in Taipei. Enjoy its crowds, street entertainment and carnival quality.

Where to eat

When food is concerned, Taipei is known as being extremely obsessed with it, which makes this Asian capital an ideal destination for gastronomic adventurers. It has everything that a gastronomic center possibly could; rich street food offer that can be found in every district, tasty and cheap, luxurious restaurants with international menus, and charming places where you can try the traditional local cuisine. The island’s specific cuisine is very multicultural and unusual, so, we definitely encourage you to try it. Some restaurants, like Meowvelous, for example, like to use traditional recipes but also give them a contemporary turn, thus creating something completely experimental and new. Since food is lurking from practically every corner of the city, we won’t give you any specific restaurant names, but encourage you to discover the one that attracts you the most, following nothing but your eyes, and, of course, nose.


Despite the fact that Taiwan does not tolerate obnoxious public behavior, Taipei offers a quite lively nightlife. As foreigners, you will be wise to be on your best conduct, though, and not give in to exaggeration.

One of the most popular clubs is Myst, with a waterfall and pond inside. It is a place that offers interesting, luxurious atmosphere and some serious partying. Korner is a place for people who do not like to dress up exclusively for clubs, and it has a much more laid back vibe. For people on budget, especially if they happen to be young, Babe 18 is one of the clubs that are very affordable in terms of drinks.