Valparaiso is Spontaneous Seaside Adventure

Valparaiso is a city of unusual composition, full of colored houses spread across the hills, and a clash between modernity and antiquity. The west part of the town is where the old town’s core lies and where you will find the famous squares, like Plaza Aduana or Plaza Victoria. The local charm also includes old-fashioned cafes and shops where you can roam and explore.

Famous sights:

Museo del Mar Lord Cochrane
Built in the 19th  century, this museum is hosted inside a lovely colonial building near Plaza Sotomayor and has some interesting artifacts to offer.

Ascensor Concepcion

This old elevator from the 19th  century is the oldest such machine in the city. Seeing it is a worthy experience, and we could definitely classify it as a “technological” sight. People usually think of historical and cultural buildings when describing sightseeing, but every place has its technological history as well. Those among you who are gadget enthusiasts will certainly find it worth their while.

Plaza Matriz

This is the old part of the town, towered by Iglesia la Matriz, a 19th- century church.

Parque Cultural de Valparaíso

The amazing cultural center is distinguished by the fact that it was built from a foundation of a prison. Talking about a strong metaphor!

Cementerio de Disidentes

The cemetery is dedicated to Protestant immigrants who were not allowed in a Catholic burial place. This location offers some amazing views of the city.

Street Art

If you like graffiti it might be useful to know that Valparaiso is a city extremely well-known for its street art.  The paintings are everywhere around you, but there is also a museum dedicated to street art, Museo a Cielo Abierto.

Caleta Portales

The city’s fishing town is a part of the location’s uniqueness and an opportunity to try some fresh fish before they are sent to the restaurants.

La Sebastiana

While in Valparaiso, don’t miss La Sebastiana, a house museum dedicated to the famous poet Pablo Neruda, a local Nobel Prize winner. The great author was very much in love with the chaotic beauty of the city to which he even wrote an ode.


Café del Poeta

This is an amazing, atmospheric place where you can enjoy the 1920-ties vibe, surrounded by models of Nobel laureates. The food is delicious but also not expensive.

Restaurante Alegre

If you prefer extraordinary menu, this is the place for you. It is a highly creative restaurant, offering first-class dishes with an imaginative streak.

Café Turri

If you want to try Chilean cuisine and enjoy the best view in the city, go check the local’s favorite, Café Turri. Apart from Chilean it also offers international dishes.

Bar Cinzano

This traditional bar is also a good place to enjoy local food, especially in combination with the music of Latin America.