Underrated Destinations That Make Amazing Summer Vacation Spots


Dominica is a tiny Caribbean island with great natural diversity. It features volcanos, waterfalls, rainforests, mountains, hot springs, rivers, and lakes. Most of the territory has been protected by UNESCO, not to mention it is a rare tourist destination with such a large percentage of flora and fauna. Basically, it is well preserved when it comes to nature as well as a popular tourist destination. The local tourism belongs to the branch of sustainable tourism which is very admirable. If you choose to visit, you will be rewarded with amazing nature, good food, and interesting people.


Guatemala is a true Mayan paradise, full of small villages, beautiful scenery and specific personality. There are plenty opportunities for education due to the amazing historical sites, like the town Flores, or some adventure activities. Those who prefer luxurious resorts also won’t be disappointed since there are plenty of such places too, such as Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel.

Toronto , Canada

Toronto is a multicultural city that offers a rich cultural content. It features some very interesting festivals, like Caribana Caribbean Festival in August, and many distinct ethnic districts in which you can sample a little bit of the many cultures of the world. Chinatown, Little India, Little Portugal…take your pick. The food is as good as in the famous American cities such as New York, for instance, but less expensive.

Port Antonio, Jamaica

This resort town is perfectly situated, wonderfully built and surrounded by amazing scenery. Visit the Blue Mountains or the legendary Blue Lagoon, raft the Rio Grande or explore Nonsuch Caves. Taste some of the local dishes, like jerk chicken, and explore the diverse cultural scene.

Key West , Florida

Key West might not be as well known as Miami, but it has equally fine weather, amazing beaches, and formidable accommodation. The atmosphere is quite relaxing, so it is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy theĀ amazing climate, but with little less crowd.

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