Travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The city of Puerto Vallarta is situated in the picturesque Banderas Bay, towered by the base of the mountains Sierra Madre. It is a very respectable tourist destination, providing many amazing activities, places to see, food, drink and scents to experience, as well as plenty of fun. Explore the old core of the city with its many historical sites, El Centro’s art galleries, or simply pursue shopping, if that is more of your thing.

The sporting and recreational activities this place offers are numerous and don’t lack in variety; there are typical watersport activities, such as diving or surfing, but you can also go for hiking or horseback riding through the magnificent rainforest mountains. Many of this specific tours can be booked at the local agencies, the most reliable one being Vallarta Adventures. This agency often offers deals, for example, if you buy two tours, you get one for free, so keep your eyes open!

If your idea of a perfect vacation is reposing on the beach, drinking cocktails and sunbathing, you can visit one among the array of local beaches on the Bay of Banderas, that is considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the whole world.

Puerto Vallarta offers many restaurants with good food, like Café des Artistes, Salud Super Food or Bravos Restaurant Bar.

Although you can experience the city’s nightlife on your own, there are also many tours available. The most prominent nightlife tour you shouldn’t miss is called Rhythms of the Night. It starts with a boat trip with free alcoholic drinks and snacks, only to continue at the destination where you get dinner and dessert, accompanied by musicians dressed in ancient Mayan costumes.

Mexican culture is famous for many festivals and parades, most popular being the Day of the Dead Festival, which you must absolutely check out if you find yourself in Mexico at the end of October-beginning of November. This colorful festival, heavy with folklore, is immortalized in many movies, cartoons and TV shows.