Travel to Jamaica, the Island of Reggae Music and Astounding Nature

Jamaica is known for being the cradle of popular reggae music, but it is also a rich, multicultural place which has many different treasures to offer. The nature is astounding, with its cascades, rainforests and coral reefs, amazing beaches and the legendary Blue mountains. Nature enthusiasts will find their hands full with hiking, horseback riding, bird watching or diving. There are also many plantations offering sampling of tropical fruits and visits to old mansions.

Some of the places that are most attractive to tourists are Montego Bay, Negril, Port Antonio and Ocho Rios, where you can stay in luxury hotels or small guesthouses, depending on your taste and budget. In Montego Bay you will find golf courses, galleries, restaurants and shops and Ocho Rios is the place to be if you enjoy watching cruise ships, for it is the island’s major port when it comes to cruising.

You definitely have to pay a visit to Kingston, Jamaica’s loud, energetic capital, where you can visit many museums and historical locations, but also Bob Marley’s home.

Negril beach has a reputation of the most beautiful beach on the island, extending from the so called Bloody Bay to Long Bay, hence also being called Seven Mile Beach. You can enjoy resting under its coconut palms or take part in various water sports .

Another famous beach is in Montego Bay and it is called Doctor’s Cave Beach. It got its name from a 1920s British doctor who claimed that the water there had healing powers. Unfortunately, the famous cave from the name was destroyed during a hurricane in 1932.

Plantation house Rose Hall, from 1700s, a home of a long dead Annie Palmer, known for her cruelty and violent dead is a very interesting historical location, offering even ghost tours during the night hours, so you might want to try it, if it’s not too macabre for your taste.

To sum up; whatever you choose to do while on your Jamaican dream trip, you will surely have a marvellous time.