Travel and Explore Sydney, Australia

It is hard to do justice to a place that is no more nor less than the oldest and the biggest Australian city, so this small, informative article certainly won’t demonstrate to you even the smallest proportion of this location’s exciting treasures. There are plenty of things to see and do while in Sydney, so we shall highlight only some of the most famous sights.

The city’s icon, the Sydney Opera House is probably the most well known visual attraction, demanding admiration with its unusual avant-garde shape. Inside of its walls you can find concert halls, cinemas and theatres. Situated very near is The Sydney Harbor Bridge, built in 1932, another iconic place. This area is full of restaurants and cafes where you can lay back and admire this fascinating, busy view.

The Rocks historic area, the country’s first European settlement offers plenty of heritage buildings  for those who would love to take a walk through the city’s turbulent past.

Darling Harbor is a pedestrian area full of shops, museums, restaurants and other places dedicated to fun and enjoyment. If you are visiting with your whole family, make sure to check the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, where you can see the world’s largest collection of marine creatures native to Australia, or the Wild Life Sydney Zoo, where you can find some of the country’s unique animal species.

Sydney’s nightlife is pretty exciting, as to be expected from such a large city, and there is surely something for everyone’s taste. Oxford Street, known as the city’s gay area offers a lot of bars, clubs and cafes, not necessarily just for gay people, but there are also less famous and crowded locations where you can enjoy yourself, in smaller bars and pubs. The city offers a variety of cultural events as well, so you definitely won’t be bored.