Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in St Lucia

 The Pitons

The alluring mountains called The Pitons belong to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Apart from being a natural wonder, they also offer plenty of adventure opportunities, like climbing, hiking, and horseback riding. They are known for their scenic beauty, as well as surrounded by some first-class resorts.

 Tet Paul Nature Trail

Taking a hike in this wonderful area, you will witness some of the most iconic scenery, learn a lot about the plants, tropical rainforests, and native crafts. The most amazing panorama can be seen from the so-called “Stairway to heaven” steps that will grant you a lushing view of the surroundings.


This small, 18th.century town is situated in a charming bay, represents one of the cruising points, and truly has a lot to offer, from historical buildings, lovely beaches to amazing restaurants.

Sulphur Springs Park

For those in the mood for outlandish natural scenery, this will be an absolute delight. It is the most active geothermal area in the area which includes a rare type of a drive-through volcano.

 Pigeon Island National Park

The island is connected to the mainland, so you can reach it by hiking and enjoy the panoramic view of the coast. There are some military ruins dating to the conflict between the French and the English, a history center where you can learn a lot and some pretty, white-sand beaches.

Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay is very popular among tourists and looks like a typical tropical paradise. The beaches are absolutely perfect, with plenty of tourist facilities, and St. Lucia’s biggest shopping mall is in the area.


Castries Market

If you want to get acquainted with the local life, as well as buy some typical local products, you should visit the buzzy and always colorful Castries Market, situated at the east point of Castries harbor. The market is open every day, but the most popular day for shopping is Saturday.