Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Montserrat

You definitely want to visit something that is called The Emerald Island, and that is Montserrat. This unusual place was partly transformed by volcanic disasters, so some of its parts might look like something from a science fiction movie, but there are also typical Caribbean tropical fantasy spots. And these are not the only reasons to visit the wondrous Monserrat. Here are a couple more.

Rendezvous Bay

This romantic name stands for a sandy bay, towered by majestic cliffs, that is perfect for all typical seaside activities. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking…whatever you feel like doing, you can safely do here.

 Soufrière Hills Volcano

You simply must catch a glimpse of the famous, dangerous volcano. Admire it from afar, or take an organized tour and dare to come closer. It definitely pays off.

 Montserrat Hiking Trails

Good news for the fitness conscious people who do not wish to abandon physical recreation even on vacation. The island offers various tracking tours, different in difficulty level, so choose the one that suits your condition.

Montserrat Cultural Centre

Again, something from the celebrity world. The Montserrat Cultural Centre is a multipurpose performing arts center,  funded by the ex-Beatles producer, Sir George Martin. Famous musicians who recorded their music there left their handprints in bronze.

Montserrat Festivals

The best way to learn something about the local culture is definitely visiting and participating in the local festivities. Montserrat has quite many of them in different parts of the year, so you are welcome to take a pick. There is the Carnival in Winter and Calabash in Summer, also, surprisingly, St. Patrick’s Day. Montserrat is the only area, apart from Ireland, that declared this holiday an official one.

Scuba Diving

This area is fascinating to divers, so it would be a pity not to try it if that is what you usually do. The most popular diving area is Redonda, a small island in the proximity of Monserrat, known as a home to nurse sharks and moray eels.