Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica is a cultural icon for many reasons. It has a turbulent history, a clash of native and colonial civilizations, and a colorful connection to the modern pop culture since it is the birthplace of both reggae music, Rastafari and skinheads style.  It is also connected to the setting of some classic novels. For example, the tragic Bertha Mason from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is a person from Jamaica and represents all of the prejudice Victorian people had towards the inhabitants of their colonies. Although we encourage you to explore this place on your own, here are some suggestions about what to see when in Jamaica.

Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs

This long, white-sand beach with coconut trees is an example of a perfect tropical paradise if there is one. many resorts are situated there, and their offer of activities, as well as water sports, is abundant.

Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

This stunning national park is under the protection of UNESCO. It used to be escaped slaves refuge, as well as the home of the native Taino. Jungles, rainforests, coffee plantations, waterfalls…you can find all of this and much more within its borders. The park is also the home of Jamaica’s highest point, Blue Mountain Peak.

Port Antonio

This small resort is relaxing and rich in history, as well as natural beauties. This area is the home of specific cooking style, so there are many quality places where you can try the local specialties. It is also possible to enjoy some recreational activities around, like rafting the Rio Grande, or touring to Reach Falls.

Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay

Rose Hall used to be a plantation house during the 18th- century. Nowadays it has been restored, so you can enjoy the period decorations, lovely furniture, and the view of the ocean. Since the house used to belong to the notorious Annie Palmer, the White Witch, it is possible to take a night, ghost-tour of the house and get lost in the historic, haunting fantasy.