Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Dominica

The territory of Dominica offers an interesting blend of West Indian cultures and the colonial heritage of both the British and the French. Its natural beauties include rainforests, volcanic sceneries, rocky beaches and breathtaking waterfalls. It would be impossible to describe all of the local attractions of this amazing place, so let’s try to narrow it down.

Boiling Lake

Located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, this outlandish bubbly lake is truly an iconic site. It is believed to be the second world’s largest boiling lake, and it’s really worth your time, just make sure to take a guided tour for it might be perilous.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Waterfall is an¬†extremely well-known site, so you definitely don’t want to miss it during your vacation in Dominica. Guides are also recommendable since a part of the trail was destroyed by the tropical storm in 2015.


Dominica’s vibrant capital is a beautiful fusion of Indian cottages and modern architecture. The markets are the city’s vibrant heart with their vivacious energy, you can visit some of the local architecture wonders, enjoy the Dominica Botanic Gardens, or simply take in the multicultural spirit of this lovely capital. For the panoramic view of the city, visit Morne Bruce.

The Carib Territory

This territory belongs to the Kalinago Indians and offers an opportunity to get to know the native culture. Admire the wooden buildings, the local crafts and food, as well as the fascinating people who live there. It is a great chance to learn something more about the life and culture that preceded the colonial period.

Local Festivities

Dominica is known for its festivals, and you might want to witness some of them. Whether you choose the ever-colorful Carnival, the Dominica Festival of Arts, the World Music Creole Festival or the Dive Fest, you definitely cannot go wrong since all of this manifestations are an amazing tribute to the island’s rich cultural life.