Top 10 countries to travel alone in 2018

Many people dream to travel around the world. The clips of channels like national geographic and discovery are sometimes not enough. The only way to feel the real thrill of those wildlife, countryside and adventurous moments is to become part of it through travelling.

Here we are sharing the list of top 10 countries that are best to travel alone due to their culture, transportation facilities and safety:

1.     Bali Island, Indonesia

It can be considered as the cheapest countries to visit. You can live in a comfortable room with three meals a day along with few beers in only $25. As you move towards the North the accommodation and commodities become cheaper.

2.     Scotland

Scotland is a popular destination due to beautiful landscapes, captivating wild life locals that welcome you with open heart. The off roads provide you the opportunity to engage with nature and enjoy epic scenes through wild camping.

3.     Italy

Olive trees, hilltop towns and beaches yes we are talking about Italy. How can we forget about the wine and wine cooked barbecues? The cities of Italy stay full of tourist all year.

4.     Vietnam

Vietnam is full of landscapes, cheap services and foods as well as friendly locals. The cab services are just $10 or less in the States that can be high as $30 for a couple of blocks away. Vietnam is the city of Hanoi.

5.     France

No one can talk about the France without mentioning the Eiffel Tower. You can enjoy the most beautiful view of France through this place. You can also book your trip in advance to get rid from those long lines. The Les Invalides has all types of the world war weapons. The Catholics or historians would love the Notre Dame and its surroundings.

6.     South Africa

The major city that you should visit in South Africa is Johannesburg also known as the city of Gold. It is the hub for shopping, adventure and entertainment. The Kruger Park is one of the most significant game reserves in Africa that is approximately 250 miles away from the city.

7.     Thailand

While talking about Thailand only Bangkok comes in your mind but how can you forget the other major cities such as Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Khoi Samui and Phi Phi Island. Chang Mai is a must visit for every solo tourist beause it has defensive walls and the Moat which were built back in the 13th century a well-known Buddhist attraction city.

8.     Morocco

You can see a lot of attractions in this city. Caravans are composed of camels that can used to cross over the Saharan desert. Once you cross the desert you can also see other attractions such as the Malabata Coast in Tangier.

9.     Turkey

Turkey is taken as the safest place for tourists. It combines business with pleasure in the most beautiful way. You will see hot air balloons, museums and shopping malls here.

10.   New Zealand

Last but not the least is New Zealand that is a whole new world for tourists. Fjordland is the one of the best place with a collection of mountains all in one place. People take it as a place to make connection as a tourist because people over there socialize freely.