The World’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Lana Del Rey has romanticised the concept of a honeymoon so well. And for good. So now  we may wonder what are the best places for it.

1)The Seychelles . Commencing our list is  the beautiful and the archetypal Indian Ocean paradise. There are palm-fringed beaches shelving gently into an aquamarine turquoise blue  sea. May be expensive yes, but worth it. So when to take your white mustang and head for a honeymoon as beautiful as Lana Del Rey’s album of the same name? May to October as the weather then would be most favourable.

2) The Maldives. Second comes the Maldives. If you wish for yourselves to be  lazing in hammocks like Lana Del Rey in the video of National Anthem, then the Maldives might just be the honeymoon destination for you,as it is always sunny and pleasurable all throughout the course of the  year.

3)Mauritius. Third comes this obvious choice. It is the Indian Ocean paradise with an all round good vibe.This spice island offers incredible national parks and it has an astonishingly rich coastline and marine parks to explore, by boat or underwater.Pack your bags for  June-September as that is the best time to make a visit.

4) Italy! If Paris is the birthplace of romance, Italy surely is the rebirth place of romance! Amalfi, Tuscany,Puglia, perfect. And obviously , Venice . To recreate the iconic scene of Sir Sean Connery with the beautiful Tatiana Romanova.

5)Fiji. For there is surely nowhere more exotic and distanced from the worries of the world  than  is Polynesia. Thousands of miles from the hustle of the busy world, Fiji is a castaway fantasy: empty beaches washed by spectacular surf, waterfalls plashing into deep green pools in the jungle, blue lagoons where couples can swim alone amid shoals of rainbow coloured fish.Plan a holiday anytime, but best plan it for  a honeymoon in  the months of May through November.

6)Bali. How could one forget Bali. The magical island of magic, misty, mythical mountainous stacks. Bali proudly is home to the most beautiful places to stay in the world. Intricately beautiful and exquisitely extravagant, Bali is temperate all year round making it an all year round visit.

7)Greece.For what a civilization was the Greeks. They gave us everything that the world today consists of and needs.  The simple beauty, the rich history and mythology, the scrubby wildernesses scented with wildflowers, the perfect Spartan experience. There are so many islands, making it perfect for your personal experience of a honeymoon while your wife dresses up as a nymph.

8)The Carribean. We do know that  beaches around the world are compared to the Caribbean, but nowhere, really, is quite like the Caribbean.  And yes indeed.

9)Scottland. In the crowded wedding season,Scottland might as well be an escape. For it houses Britain’s loveliest beaches – on sunny days compared to those of the Caribbean – and the sweet rivers and murmuring streams of Burns’s love poems brought to life. James Bond romance, did someone say it? Visit through June to October for pleasant British weather.




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