The 8 Best Countries To Move To For Retirement

From the past few years it is getting popular to retire abroad in a different country, different from the place where you have lived and worked. The social security administration says that more than half million people receive social security benefits even after living abroad. If you also want to move abroad then look for your options wisely. Here we have shared the list of best eight countries that you can consider to relocate. You can choose them to improve the quality of your life. Here is the list:

  1. Costa Rica

This place has mild climate and stunning landscapes combined with pristine beaches. All these things attract retirees here because it offers a simple residency process. People enjoy a high standard of living here with a monthly income of at least $1,000 per month from Social Security or any other source.

2. Mexico

Every year Mexico receives millions of retirees due to numerous benefits that it offers. It allows you to enjoy seaside living and conversations with English speaking locals. You also get legal residents over the age of 60 along with airline, grocery, and restaurant discounts.

3. Panama

Panama is another good place for retirees with gorgeous beaches and a thriving economy. You can have modest living in this place with an income of $2,000 per month. Here you can enjoy music festivals, movies, and outdoor adventures with the community. They also give discounts to retirees with a Pensionado Visa.

4. Ecuador

You can enjoy a carefree lifestyle at this place that is filled with Lazy coastal towns, sun-worshipping hot spots, and nature-filled panoramic views. It is quite amazing that migrating up or down in altitude can help you to choose the climate. Here the vehicle is unnecessary because a bus ride only costs .25 cents while cab rides will run about $3.

5. Malaysia

People often appreciate the rich culture and beauty of this place. You will enjoy the best combination of comfort and convenience here. Low cost rental units, delicious street food, and spectacular shopping malls are also part of this place.

6. Colombia

Retirees looking for a high standard of living at a low cost would love this place. In just $1,700 and $2,200 you can rent an upscale apartment along with cleaning services. You will have low utility bills with perfect year-round weather.

7. Portugal

You will find warm weather, amenities, and good residency options here. It is ranked as the third safest country in the world. In just $1,500 per month budget couples can enjoy nice living with healthcare services.

8. Nicaragua

This place is full of opportunities and adventures. The tropical weather and welcoming community are also the reason that people gravitate here. You will see low living costs along with the incentives that government offers to foreign retirees. Any money that you have earned outside of Nicaragua is tax-free.