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Manzanillo, Mexico

Manzanillo is one of the most important ports in Mexico, but also a pretty well known resort place. Back in the 16th century, Manzanillo used to be the first commercial port established by the Europeans in South America. Nowadays, it is mostly visited for a wide offer of adventure sports […]

Travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The city of Puerto Vallarta is situated in the picturesque Banderas Bay, towered by the base of the mountains Sierra Madre. It is a very respectable tourist destination, providing many amazing activities, places to see, food, drink and scents to experience, as well as plenty of fun. Explore the old […]

Discover and Travel to Cancun, Mexico

This tropical Yucatan location is a perfect mixture of ancient history, culture, fun and nature. It offers different types of resorts; for those more inclined towards active night and party life, as well as families or couples that prefer rest and serenity. Lovers of history simply must book tours of […]

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The enchanting Playa del Carmen, often considered the hidden treasure of Cancun in Mexico, is surely one of the most famous diving destinations in the whole world. It is not surprising, taking into account the location being extremely rich in mysterious underwater caverns and vibrant sea life. It is a […]

Tulum, Mexico

When talking about Tulum in Mexico, the first association that pops up is definitely the Tulum ruins, an ancient, mysterious location  with a lovely, romantic view of the coast. The natural jewel, Sian Ka’an is also a must see, containing marshes, barrier reef and tropical forests, occupied with various animal […]

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Festive and multicultural Mexico has always been high on the priority list of ideal vacations for many people. Cabo san Lucas is only one of the many places you won’t regret visiting. It has rich nightlife, attractive beaches and many recreational opportunities. Surely, this place can boast that its popularity […]