Surfers Paradise, Australia

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia is a great location for a perfect family vacation, offering wild nightlife, many attraction, excellent shopping and dining places and very attractive beaches, full of various recreational possibilities. It has something for each generation, and an exciting array of amazing, diverse tours. In this article, we shall present some of the things you can try while staying in Surfers Paradise.

Gold Coast Wax Museum

This is the largest wax museum in Australia, featuring over 100 wax figures, representing famous historical figures. It is an amazing experience for those who like this type of fun and the museum attracts thousands of tourists during the year. Apart from historical celebrities, there are some contemporary as well, like Johnny Depp or Michael Jackson.


Hot Air Ballooning

One of the unique ways of experiencing the beauty of the Gold Coast is definitely booking a hot air ballooning tour, so make sure not to miss this amazing unforgettable opportunity for an adventure among the clouds. There are plenty of other organized tours, including visits to tropical rainforests, secluded tracks and mountains. Select  a tour that suits your taste and preference to experience a life changing adventure.


Gold Coast fire truck tour

This is a very entertaining tour that enables you to experience the area in a very unique way.


Surfer’s Paradise Beach

The beaches in this area are very beautiful, clean and enable you to enjoy many fun activities and sports, which makes them locations that everyone wants to visit.


Macintosh Island Park

This is a great place for the whole family, for it features a beautiful park, some lovely animals and is a great place to relax in.


Sky Point Climb

If you are a type of a person who enjoys amazing views and scenery, Sky Point Climb will take your breath away.


Fun and nightlife

There are also plenty of shopping and game centers, restaurants, bars and nightclubs where you can spend your time and, of course, have some fun. When it comes to nightlife, Surfers Paradise is one of the more exciting places on the Gold Coast. We will not try to describe all of the clubs you can find there, but a few of them should definitely be mentioned.

Surfers Paradise RSL is an old and well established club with quite a history. It is also a restaurant, so, one can combine partying and dining. Sin City is a pretty luxurious club for those who like an expensive vibe and Hollywood Showgirls is a definite hot spot for adult entertainment. Surfers Paradise Beer Garden is, on the other hand, a more relaxing place with excellent live music, if wild partying is not your thing. Twenty 1 club is a place for the lovers of retro music, especially from the 1970-ties.