St. Maarten – St. Martin, Caribbean

This is a very small dual-nation island in the Caribbean, but despite of its size, one can find many things and activities to enjoy, while spending their vacation there. There are some lovely spots for diving you can check, and there are diving varieties you can try, even without having an official diving certificate. You can go to Loterie Farm, near the island’s highest point , and try a zip line, or climb to Fort Louis, a historical site built in the 18th century, to enjoy the astounding view of the island.

You can also visit the amazing Butterfly Farm to see all those lovely tropical butterflies and learn some valuable information about their lives and evolution. The usual tours of the Butterfly Farm last for twenty minutes and, if you are still enough, perhaps some of the butterflies will even land on you.

The island features varieties of beaches, some of them are quiet enough, but some of them are popular and frequently visited, such as, for example, Orient Bay. You can take a part in various activities and water sports there, or simply enjoy observing people coming to this popular, lively beach.stmaarten2

There are plenty of places to eat on the island, but one of the most interesting is a Friday night in Greenhouse, Phillipsburg, offering lobster, which is a very famous meal in this island. While eating, you can also enjoy the sounds of live music.

Lovers of beverage will want to try the liquor of St. Maarten, Guavaberry liquor, an ancient drink featured in many local songs and stories. Its ingredients are oak aged rum, cane sugar, and wild, rare St. Maarten guava berries. Make sure to visit the old cedar townhouse in Front Street, and sample or buy this amazing, sweet and fruity beverage. It might sweeten your days at home, or be a great present for your loved ones.