Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There are not enough words to try and describe the glamorous Rio de Janeiro , Brazil’s unique capital, so, if you ever get a chance, make sure to visit this outstanding city. This article will try to give you some basic information on the most distinguished locations to visit in Rio de Jainero.

The first of those would be the world famous Copacabana Neighborhood, a former small fishing village, now a renowned coastline area, filled with numerous popular beaches. This neighborhood has everything; the seaside, resorts, clubs and restaurants and, of course, a cultural background. There are many famous beaches in Rio, so we shall mention only some of them. Prainha Beach is a beautiful beach, situated southwest from the city’s center and Joatinga Beach is a place for those who want less crowds and more relaxations.

In the proximity of Rio, lies Petropolis, the Imperial City of Brazil, a popular resort town. Its main attraction is the Summer Palace of the former Brazilian emperors. Samba city in Gamboa is another interesting place, constructed in honor of Carioca samba dance and the African heritage.

The city’s trademark, the statue of giant Christ, is located on the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain and if you would like to see something less stereotypical of Rio, visit the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, set on a hill and with a charm of small old towns. The more adventurous individuals might consider hiking tours of Tijuca Rainforest.

The nightlife of Rio is legendary, especially the Copacabana neighborhood. This is the location of the most famous New Year’s celebration in the world, but also a home to many clubs, such as Le Boy, a famous gay club, or a more relaxed Bip Bip, a chill place offering amazing live music.

The city offers plenty of restaurants, like exclusive Tereze, belonging to the Hotel Santa Teresa, the Japanese restaurant Azumi or Iraja Gastro.