Placencia, Belize

This lovely village is situated on the southeastern part of Belize and is a very popular resort for those who seek some rest from the restraints and demands of the „civilization“. The village shares the name with the beautiful peninsula on which it is located. Although the village Placencia is not necessarily a high profile tourist destination and offers a very relaxing, laid back experience, the locals are very aware of the location’s tourist potential, so, it is possible to arrange accommodation that is extremely luxurious, if that is what you like. That fact makes this destination desirable to individual’s of diverse budgets. People visit this extraordinary place all the time, but, perhaps, especially in May and June, since that is the best period for the whale shark watching, and, if you dare, it is possible to go diving and snorkeling beside them.



Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Welcome to the first jaguar preserve in the world, rich in natural beauty and colorful life of the local flora and fauna. Although it is not very likely you will spot this alluring nocturnal cat, you might see some other amazing species and have a lot of fun. The sanctuary is also the location of the one of Belize’s highest point, Victoria Peak and there are plenty of possible activities available, if you choose one of the offered tours. Such as, for example, the ever popular river tubing. This wildlife sanctuary is definitely a stranger to boredom.

Mayan Temples

History lovers are always welcome to visit the remains of Mayan temples, such as Cahal Pech or Nim Li Punit and many others. There are plenty of those scattered around Belize, so, take your pick.


e private There are plenty of beaches on the Placencia Peninsula, each with unique charm and beauty, quite enough to satisfy anyone’s demanding needs. Find your perfect tropical dream beach and spend some lazy afternoons buried in its golden or white sand.

Monkey River Village

Follow the Monkey River into the jungle in order to meet the hilarious howler monkeys, the famous residents of the location. You might also spot some crocodiles or iguanas and enjoy some delicious local food in the friendly village.

Kayaking at Laughing Bird Caye

Enjoy kayaking through the Laughing Bird Caye Natural Park, the crystal waters and snow-white sand. Have your own perfect kayaking expedition in this tropical paradise.


The most popular food in the village is, of course,  sea food and there are plenty of restaurants with delicious offers, such as Barefoot, Purple Space Monkey or Tipsy Tuna. They also offer some traditional Belizean dishes, as well as international meals. If you like Gelato, visit the Italian Gelato Shop, that is known for its delicious fruit gelatos. You will definitely not go hungry in Placencia, and the food offer is certainly more than fairly generous.