Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a fascinating combination of ancient cultural remains, simple, rural life, astonishing nature, modernity and decadent fun, which makes it a very beloved travel destination of many individuals around the globe. Phuket is an island in Thailand and one of the more popular places for exotic vacation. One of the most distinguished spots on the island is Phang Nga Bay, described by many as very unique, beautiful and unforgettable. The recognizable brand of the bay is the vertical sheer limestone cliffs, emerging out of the waters. Another famous place in the bay is James Bond Island. If you appreciate nature’s beauty and diversity, you will certainly find many reasons to feast your eyes in Phang Nga Bay.

To witness some of the life of the land, you should visit Old Phuket Town, the historical district where you can experience some of the country’s antiquity through shrines, temples, museums and old buildings. Of course, the district is full of cafes, shops and restaurants as well. One of the more recent sights is the Big Buddha, standing on the top of the Nakkerd Hills, visible from most of the south of Phuket, serving as a giant, ancient guardian of the island.

Nightlife is a well known characteristic of Thailand and it is really very vivid and unusual, almost impossible to describe, with all its lights, colors, sounds and people, so make sure you get your share while staying there. Another famous feature is thai massage and elephant riding, so if you are attracted to such activities, you should try them.

When it comes to food, the choice is very rich. You can try eating on the street, for many tasty, cheap meals are offered on every corner, or if you are more traditional, you can visit a restaurant. Apart from Asian food, there are many restaurants that serve dishes from other parts of the world, like Acqua, a modern Italian restaurant or DeDos Restaurant, which combines French, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine- mostly Thai and Japanese.