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Cusco, Peru

Cusco is mostly known for being in proximity of the celebrated Macchu Picchu, one of the world’s most mysterious and attractive ancient historical site. If you are one of the many who would love to visit the ruins of the glorious city of the Incas, make sure to make the […]

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The best attractions of Malaysia

Malaysia is quite an underrated destination despite the fact it is a wonderful country with an¬†extremely multicultural heritage that offers an outstanding number of attractions. It is situated in the same region as many globally more popular places, so you might easily include it in your travel plans, even if […]


Malaga, Spain

Malaga City, considered to be the spotlight of the famous Spanish tourist area, Costa del Sol, is a lively place with much to offer to its visitors, from historical locations and interesting museums, to delicious food and vivid fun. One of the outstanding historical trademarks of the city is the […]


The best party destinations in the world

Whenever young travelers are involved, one of the criteria for visiting a place definitely has to be the entertainment offer. In this article, we will present some of the world’s most notorious party destinations that will hopefully inspire some of the youngsters out there for a new traveling adventure. So, […]

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St. Kitts, Caribbean

The Caribbean boasts with many attractive locations to visit, and the one we shall present in this article is the island of St. Christopher, more known as St. Kittis. It is an attractive location, situated between the Caribbean Sea and The Atlantic Ocean, in the West Indies. It might not […]

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Lamu Island, Kenya

African destinations are becoming more and more popular among the world’s enthusiastic tourists. One of the countries enjoying the most renowned reputation as a very famous attraction, is surely Kenya. Of course, there are many places that you can choose to visit there, but the one we will present to […]


San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the most famous tourist attraction in Texas and it offers all types of entertainment and pleasure. You can easily relax, eat and drink, have some crazy fun or explore the local sites. This compact destination provides the time of a life for various profiles of people. Sightseeing […]


Casablanca, Morocco

Lovers of the movies from the classical Hollywood era are definitely acquainted with Casablanca, one of the more prominent cities in Morocco, North Africa. It is the town where the romantic, exciting story of the cult classic took place, and there are few who have never heard the name. Although […]