Miami Beach, Florida

Miami in Florida is one of the most well known holiday destination, due to its mild climate during the winter period, but also many other attractive sites and corresponding activities. One of the most popular location is, surely, the famous Miami Beach, located on an island and representing a municipality on its own. This is a tourist district, mostly expensive, full of hotels, restaurants and shops. Visitors of Miami Beach can enjoy various recreations, like surfing, jet skiing or simply relaxing on the white sands, looking at the Atlantic ocean, (or spying on celebrities, who really love this place!) Beside the beaches, one of the municipality’s distinctions is the so called Art Deco District, known for its 1930s flare.

Some of the most notable buildings of this area are the Beacon, the Colony Hotel, the Breakwater, the Cardozo and Waldorf Towers.

When it comes to historical treasures, one must mention The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Built in the 1916, it used to be a winter home of an early 20th century industrialist. The villa is built in the style of Italian Renaissance, containing furniture and decoration from various periods of European history.

Another famous location is Ocean Drive, passing both Miami and South beach, as well as the Art Deco District. South beach itself is the most well known section of the Miami beach, and during the summer period it is virtually crowded with visitors and tourists.

Nature lovers might also consider visiting Everglades National Park, situated near the city.

The city offers many opportunities to enjoy some good food. For example, La camaronera fish market is a must for seafood lovers, and a local favorite. For those who prefer burgers, we recommend Lokal burgers beer, where you can get good food, but also mingle with various personalities that visit the place. Being such a popular destination, it also offers party and nightlife in abundance, whatever type of entertainment you might seek.