Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius is an African island that is slowly gaining more and more recognition in the world of tourism, so, we prepared some of the basic information on what to visit if you decide to go there for your vacation.

Grand Baie

This town has everything you might need form a vacation; excellent beaches, restaurants, nightlife and charm. It is situated in Rivière du Rempart District. The most important beaches in town are Grand Bay Public and La Cuvette, small but clean and extraordinarily beautiful. The first one is usually more crowded, and the second one more private and quiet. Both offer some water activities, such as sailing, surfing or water skiing. There are many cruises that will take you all over the island and help you discover more amazing beaches and beautiful spots for fun and rest.

Port Louis

You mustn’t miss the capital of Mauritius and enjoy its life, fun and beauty. It is a very exclusive place with the just right vibe that a luxurious but charming small capital should have. If you love fancy restaurants, this is definitely the place where you want to grab something to eat.

China Town

China Town in Port Louis is a special place for the Chinese settlers, founded in 1940-ties. Nowadays it is crowded with delicious Chinese restaurants. It is also a home of the annual Cultural Festival.

Domaine Les Pailles

The former sugarcane plantation, turned into a cultural center is a well beloved location of many visitors. It is as beautiful as it is educational, so, you might want to experience it.

Citadel Fort

Enjoy the amazing view over Port Louis from this historical fort, constructed in the 19th century.

Chamarel Coloured Earth

This village is known for a very distinguished natural characteristic; sand that is consistent of seven layers of colour! The village is also surrounded by plantations. No wonder such beauty should be so popular among the tourists.

Casela Nature Park

This lovely reserve, full of rare species and beautiful scenery is an absolute favorite spot for family visits. Your kids will adore it and so will you. It is an ideal place to spend your day.

Le Morne

This beautiful peninsula is protected by UNESCO, but it is also important for local history and national identity, being a place where escaped slaves used to hide.


There is a multitude of potential places where you can get good food and here are some of them:

Le Château de Bel Ombre

This amazing, elegant restaurant offers historical charm, Mauritian cuisine and is also one of the best choices for larger ceremonies.

Chez Tino’s

If you want to try some Creole-Mauritian dishes, as well as some international ones, or fresh seafood, definitely try this charming restaurant.

Palais de Barbizon

This restaurant is based on local family business,  so, it is an excellent opportunity to try some traditional recipes and authentic home cooking.