Mar del Plata, Argentina

Welcome to Mar del Plata, an amazing location in the country of Argentina, mostly known for its exciting water parks and wonderful beaches. After the capital Buenos Aires, this is the most visited city in the whole country and it is not hard to conclude why, since it offer various activities and places worth seeing. Whether you like your vacations mostly centered around typical summer activities, or you are a passionate cultural tourist, you will find plenty of attractions in Mar del Plata.

Admire the amazing details in the architecture of the city’s main Gothic cathedral and pay a special attention to the sound of the uniquely and cleverly crafted bells. Visit the symbol of the city, the romantic, desolate lighthouse Punta Mogotes, dating back to the late 19th century or the contemporary museum dedicated to the Formula one racer, Juan Manuel Fangio, featuring more than sixty cars and other racing paraphernalia. Another famous museum is Museum del Mar, where you can get a lot of valuable information on the sea life of the area.

Mar del Plata has 30 miles of coastline and many popular beaches, such as Playa Grande, Cabo Correintes, Playa el Torreon and Chapadmalal. Every single one of them grants you amazing and relaxing experience.

If you love animals, visit Sea Lion Reserve, where this wonderful animals come to take shelter or El Paraiso Zoo, a grand park containing more than 300 species of animals. One of the prominent places is also Rambla Casino, a historic building with incredible architecture, hosting, among other things, several casinos.

You can stumble upon restaurants and cafes everywhere in the city, offering delicious and various food. In some of them you can try many specialties of Argentina, such as empanadas. Some of the recommended restaurants are La Mulita and La Lucila, but, there are, of course, many more, depending upon your taste.

Of course, Mar del Plata is famous, even notorious for its nightlife, so, it would be a shame if you didn’t sample some of it, during your stay. Although there is much to choose from, here are some recommendations. The avenue Avenida Constitucion is well known for hosting amazing clubs, so, if partying is your thing, you would want to find yourself here. On the other hand, the avenue Avenida Martinez de Hoz is the place you wish to visit if you prefer bars or restaurants with traditional Argentinean cuisine. Another popular way to have fun in this exciting city is beach partying, for the numerous beaches host many different events, from fashion show to dancing, and some of them are even aired on local television, so, there’s your chance for five minutes of fame.