Malindi – One of the more famous resort towns of the East African coast

Malindi is a small port town, situated about seventy miles from the famous and well visited Mombasa, in the country of Kenya. It is one of the more famous resort towns of the East African coast, offering many wonderful possibilities to its numerous visitors that seem to be incapable to resist the town’s merciless charm. Here we will provide some of the basic information on the exciting locations you can visit in and near lovely Malindi:

What to see:

Gedi National Monument

Gedi National Monument is made of ruins of an ancient, prosperous Swahili trade town, abandoned in the 18th century, for reasons still unknown. It is a haunted, mysterious site which makes it, of course, attractive to many visitors, who come searching for mystery and excitement, as we all sometimes do.

Watamu Marine National Park

Visitors come to this amazing, colorful place mostly for snorkeling and to admire the lovely, unique coral gardens. Enjoy the various species of the underworld, alongside with their outlandish, magical colors. You can visit then marine park on your own or via your chosen hotel, for most of them offer to organize various visits and tours.

Mnarani National Monument

This lovely, mysterious spot includes a Swahili ruin, a few mosques with inscriptions in a specific type of unknown Arabic writing, 13th century pillars and giant baobab trees. It is a romantic combination of historical remains and untamed natural beauty, so, no wonder it is so popular among the tourists.

Arabuko-Sokoke National Park

This huge national park is a home to many species, some of them endemic, such as Sokoke’s bush-tailed mongoose, and many more. You can take guided or unguided trails, and observe the fascinating natural life of this area.

The Ghost Cities

Those more romantic and imaginative in nature, might want to visit the three extremely preserved ruins of medieval cities belonging to Swahili culture, called „the gost cities“. They are amazing historical remains that ignite imagination, being, as many ruins, placed between legends and facts.

Malindi’s Old Town

Malindi’ s Old Town is a very interesting place to visit, as any old town cores go, including a busy market, old buildings and exciting streets. Don’t miss paying a visit to the Malindi Museum to educate yourself on the subject of local history, both pre and post-European. North of the old core, lies the modern part of the town, the location of the huge Galana Shopping Center, as well as numerous bars, restaurants and one nightclub. This is not necessarily a famous nightlife place, but, still, you might be surprised by the amount of fun one can have in the local places.

There are many restaurants, offering various types of food, both traditional and international, but the one we shall mention is the famous „The Old Man and The Sea“, named after the popular novel by Ernest Hemingway, who loved to visit this small African port town.