Jodhpur, India

India requires no introduction, for it is one of the most attractive destinations for people from all over the world. Its rich culture, history, religion and incredible nature spark the interests of all sorts of different individuals, drawn each day to its alluring borders. In this article, we will introduce you to what to see and do in Jodhpur, one of the many places in the country beloved by the tourists.



Umaid Bhawan Palace

The amazing palace is divided into three main areas; a museum, the Maharaja’s royal residence and a heritage hotel that has a reputation for being one of the most exclusive hotels in the area. The architecture is a feast for the eyes and the museum displays a lot of significant artifacts of the local history and tradition.


Mahamandir Temple

It is an impossible task to describe this great temple, filled with ancient shrines, built in the traditional Indian style. You will simply have to visit in person to be able to fully appreciate its grandeur and outlandish charm.

Sardar Samand Lake

This natural delight is a perfect spot for bird-watchers and a peaceful escape from the urban environment. It is delightful and romantic, offering amazing scenery.

Umed Garden Zoo

If you are traveling with your family, especially children, you should not miss Umed Garden Zoo, where the whole family can learn a lot about various exotic animals of Africa, Asia, and Australia, having a lot of fun at the same time.

Marwar Festival

Held during the months of September/October, this traditional festival is a great opportunity to observe local dances, music and theatrical performance honoring the deeds of ancient heroes. If you happen to be in Jodhpur during this period, make sure not to miss this unique cultural experience.

Balsamand Lake and Garden

Situated about 8 kilometers from the city, Balsamand Lake is a great retreat area, perfect for romance, picnic or any other activity.

Mandore Garden

This garden, named after the abandoned town Mandore, is situated near Jodhpur and is a heritage site. Enjoy its many delights, such as The Shrine of the Three Hundred Million Gods or the amazing high rock terrace. You can also explore the ruins of Mandore, allowing its remnants to transport you to another era.



There are many great places to eat in Jodhpur and the offer is truly diverse. Padharo Sa is an amazing restaurant, mostly serving Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Italian food. You might also visit Shree Ram Excellency or Fun N Food Restaurant. However, there are more. We encourage you to try some local specialties, but if that doesn’t suit you, you will find decent Chinese and International menus. India is a location known for its flavors, so it would be a pity if you didn’t sample some of its magic.