Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Venezuela is an exotic destination that is easily affordable even to budget travelers. Of course, take all the precautions and inform yourself on safety behavior in order to enjoy your stay in this South American country. This article will give you some basic information on the elusive Isla de Margarita, a very well-known Venezuelan vacation spot.



Pampatar and Porlamar

Pampatar is by far the most historical and picturesque city on the island, so if you like cultural tourism, this is the place you should check.  Some of the famous sites in the city are Castillo de San Carlos Borromeo, a 17th-century fort, the church Iglesia de Santísimo Cristo del Buen Viaje, La Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, the oldest in Venezuela and the fort  Castillo de Santa Rosa. on the northern coast of the island, you will find the bay of Juangriego and a charming fishing village of the same name.  It is a renowned spot for relaxation and sunset gazing from one of the local seaside bars.

For shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, you should visit the city of Porlamar.



There are plenty of beaches on the island, varying in modernity, the number of visitors and facilities available. You can choose between crowded beaches with the best facilities or the secluded and more private ones with a wild atmosphere. Some of the famous beaches are Playa El Agua, Playa Parguito,  Playa Morena and Playa Pedro González.


La Restinga National Park

The visit to this amazing place is offered by many tours and they include some seriously adventurous and romantic approaches, like riding in a boat through mangroves.  You can also grab a bite since there are many beachside restaurants in the area.


Islas Coche and Cubagua

Visit the nearby islands and enjoy their pristine beauty by booking a day excursion which usually includes food and organized activities.



For authentic Venezuelan food, check the famous restaurant La Casa de Esther. Apart from Venezuelan cuisine, it also serves Mexican and Caribbean dishes. There are, of course, plenty of other restaurants serving traditional food and they vary in looks and prices. However, the food in Venezuela is generally affordable. There are also international restaurants and some Oriental flavors. If you like Asian, check the Asian Restaurant in order to enjoy Chinese or Japanese dishes.



The nightlife on the island is pretty eventful. Visit the always lively Kamy Beach near Pampatar or the Mexican restaurant, dance club, and a bar Senor Frog. For the alternative scene, Pampatar also has a Hard Rock Café. As mentioned above, most of the clubs are situated in the city of Porlamar, but the other places on the island have their own entertainment spots as well.