Hit the Road! Best Summer Destinations for Families, Couples and Solo Travel

There is nothing quite comparable to road trips. It is an exciting adventure, a romantic homage to the beat generation’s famous novels, such as Kerouac’s On the road, and a very decent spiritual analogy. Whether you are traveling alone, with your partner, group of friends or family, it is a great way to spend your vacation. Here are some popular destinations in the U.S. you could visit.

Hilton Head Island , California

This is a perfect spot for families, as the city has been named one of the best choices for family vacations according to Parents Magazine. There are many recreational and fun opportunities for everyone, so, if you are considering a road trip with your kids, this might be the place for you.

Napa Valley, California

This location is considered to be very romantic, as well as full of wineries, which makes it a perfect choice for wandering couples.

Washington, D.C.

Since the city is full of cultural content, a lone traveler certainly won’t be bored here. Even if you are traveling without company this summer, Washington will definitely keep you occupied.

New York

New York needs no introduction. Its various sites, cultural events, nightlife and specific aura will satisfy any type of traveler. Whether you are traveling alone, with a romantic partner or friends, you will have a full-time schedule.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This place is known for its natural beauty, therefore it is recommendable for lone adventurers and nature lovers. Two major American national parks are situated there; Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

This famous national park is a must-see for anyone and it is ideal for hiking and camping.

San Francisco, California

The famous San Francisco offers a unique personality, cultural history, and fun. It is ideal for walking and it provides a truly unforgettable life experience.

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