Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle is a city in Sri Lanka that combines tropical beauty with 17th -century Dutch architecture that marks its colonial aspect. The history of the place is extremely rich, layered and interesting and its everyday energy simply impossible to resist. Enjoy the elegance and exoticism, joined in this vibrant location, while having the best vacation of your life.


Flag Rock

This popular place for sunset gazing used to be a Portuguese bastion. It got its name because people used to signal the ships from there, warning them about the dangerous cliff. Nowadays, it’s an energetic place crowded with people, possessing outstanding loveliness and natural charm. If you are daring enough, you can follow the example of those who use it as a jumping point. It is, of course, perfectly fine if you simply stood nearby and admired the sea rather than throwing yourself from a steep rock.

The Old Gate

The old city’s legendary entrance dates from the 1669 and it represents one of the recognizable historical sites of Galle. It is a part of the magnificent Fort Walls that surround the city’s old core.

Historical Mansion

If you love to watch artifacts and trinkets from the past centuries, visit this amazing private collection, set in a restored house built in the Dutch style. This place is not a museum, so, if you like some of the displayed objects, you are welcome to buy them.

The Fort Walls

If you want to enjoy the majestic view of both the city and the coast, take a relaxing stroll along the Fort Walls, built originally by the Portuguese, only to be expanded by the Dutch and later the British.  You can also climb them in order to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.


Many spice and food markets are situated along the Main Street. Since markets are the heart of every city, it would be a pity if you didn’t visit at least one of them, like, for example, the famous Dutch Market. Get lost in the scents, spices, and flavors of these busy local gathering spots.

Lighthouse Beach

Located on the east side of the Fort, topped by a breathtaking 1938 lighthouse, this charming beach is a perfect spot for relaxation after spending a busy day.


Mama’s Roof Café

Every romantic should visit this restaurant and enjoy dining with the view of the majestic lighthouse, under the starry night sky.

The lovers of fresh seafood should visit the atmospheric Fort Printers and if in the mood for local or Singaporean cuisine, check Fortaleza , a restaurant situated inside a building that used to be a spice warehouse.

Dairy King

Ice cream enthusiasts should definitely pay a visit to this original place with some amazing, unforgettable ice cream flavors.