Explore Tavira, Algarve’s Most Charming Town with with Glorious Beaches, Clear Waters and Beautiful Architecture

Portugal is a country of many attractions. Being one of Europe’s most magical vacation destinations, it is not surprising that wherever you may choose to go, you seem to be unable to make a mistake. There are many Portuguese regions hiding myriads of charming old Mediterranean towns, with glorious beaches, clear waters and long centuries of culture and history. Tavira is definitely one of those towns. It is known as the loveliest town in the region of Algarve, also the one with the greatest number of medieval and Renaissance churches. It is the perfect place for exploring the legacy of ages, enjoying fresh Mediterranean dishes in a cute, elegant restaurant and spending a whole day on the white sands of the picturesque, desolate beaches. Here are some of the most well-known attractions of the lovely town of Tavira that you should pay attention to should you decide to visit.


Tavira Island

The island is small and situated near the town. It boasts with some of the best beaches in the region, so, if that happens to be of high importance to you, don’t hesitate to embark on this short trip from the mainland. It is a popular bird watching spot as well and has specific beaches where the visitors may practice naturism.

Pego do Inferno

Pego do Inferno is a charming lagoon, surrounded by greenish waters and towered by a high waterfall. It is a beautiful and romantic place, perfect for your nice, relaxing, holiday afternoons.

Ria Formosa

This Natural Park is a place of preserved flora and fauna, untamed and majestic. A must visit for every nature lover.

Roman bridge

This bridge, built in the early Middle Ages(despite being called Roman) is one of the town’s historical sites.

Castelo de Tavira

Situated in the town’s historic center, the castle was rebuilt many times, probably lying on an ancient foundation. The version now standing dates back to the 12th century.


Tavira is well known for many churches, due to the role the town had in the 16th century. Feel welcome to take a stroll and visit some of the town’s most impressive temples from the periods of Gothic and Renaissance style.


Tavira offers many peaceful, white sand beaches, made for absolute enjoyment. Among everything else, these beaches are a huge factor of attraction for many tourists.


A Barquinha

This lovely, cozy restaurant is a place that offers great seafood and many local and Mediterranean specialties.

Pastelaria Tavirense

Those who have a particular interest in desserts will surely want to visit Pastelaria Tavirense. It is also an excellent place for many types of the famous Portuguese coffee.

Churrasqueira O Manel

Lovers of grilled dishes should definitely check this place. The food is tasty and the restaurant offers takeaways as well.