Dominican Republic tourism

Did you know that the Dominican Republic is celebrated as a cheap and comfortable  beach destination. Thus it is packed  with package tourists and exciting all-inclusive resorts. Note that the nation is a captivating amalgamation of culture, history and is backed with impeccable natural beauty. The premier  tourist attractions are the areas around Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, La Romana, and Samaná. Moreover, the nation’s jewel is the capital city  Santo Domingo, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As many as it has developed beach resorts and world-class golf courses, the Dominican Republic is a comfy abode for widely stretched coral reefs, waterfalls, jungles, secluded islands, pine forests, and the highest peaks amidst the Caribbean.Gratituitous  to these diverse ecosystems, recreational opportunities  are abound in this nation. Adventurists can go to the mountains to float the azure and fluoroscent waves belonging to the Río Yaque del Norte.Their mountainous  alpine terrain attracts  hikers and bikers with its innumerable mountain trails. Alongside the coastal dives, aquamarine lovers can snorkel, dive, kayak, kite board, sail, and surf. Born with an excess of attractions and activities, it sure is  no amaze thag  visitors flock come here from across the globe.

1)Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is famous as the oldest city in the New World. It is true to the jewels of its opulent  history and culture. Topping the list of the city’s treasures is the historic Colonial City which has been granted a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. It has  cobblestone streets, extravagant Spanish Colonial architecture, and homely restaurants. Maybe  the most vital site here is the First Cathedral of America, that is the oldest existing cathedral in the Americas. Also worthy of notation is the Museum of the Royal Houses along with  Alcazar De Colón, built by the son of Christopher Columbus in the 16th Century.


2)Eastern National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Eastern National Park (Parque Nacional del Este) is a prime habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals, including 112 species of birds. The reserve also houses one of  the largest Caribbean  marine parks with an immense coral reef system. More than three species of sea turtles as well as manatees, bottlenose dolphins, and numerous species of fish reside in its tropical waters. Additively,to this treasure trove of biodiversity, the park is the residence for the rare paloma coronita and the rhinoceros iguana. Beside the ambivalent diving and snorkeling spots, tourists that are headed  to the park can see examples of pre-Columbian art in its system of caves, or laze around the park’s comfortable and white  beaches.


3) Punta Cana

Punta Cana is situated upon the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. It is  said to be the tourist area on the island. Filled with luxury boutique hotels, this big city is famous for being laden with pristine beaches  and better-than-the-rest golf courses.  Scape Park  that is closeby, gives to offering one with a zipline tour, dune buggies, and a visit to the icy waters of Hoyo Azul Lagoon.


4) Playa Dorada

Less than an hour away from the heart of Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada is a very well known and highly celebrated and flocked beach set upon the Dominican Republic’s northern tip. This massive resort complex rests on an illustrative line of  beaches laden with deck chairs and coconut trees.





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