Discover the Secrets of The Garden Island, Kauai

Nicknamed the Garden Isle, Kauai is the fourth largest and oldest island of Hawaii, featuring some unique natural traits, such as jagged cliffs, tropical rainforests, waterfalls, coral reefs and sandy beaches.  Some of the islands’ parts can only be accessed by air or sea. You are welcome to kayak on the forking rivers, hike in the amazing Kokee State Park, snorkel, swim or even play golf. The alluring towns that can be found there are small but very rich in atmosphere and culture. There is no shortage of adventures; you can go mountain tubing, horseback riding or exploring the rainforests, the coast and the canyons. The climate is very pleasant and mild and the refreshing winds make sure you are never too hot.

Being a mostly rural island, it offers many calm, relaxing, quiet places for relaxation and pure revitalization. It is not a very good place for those who crave the excitement of a wild nightlife and partying, however, it does offer some nightlife opportunities, mostly for tourists.

Kuhio Highway is one of the places to visit for performance of local musicians, and it is a very nice, cozy and atmospheric place. There are, of course, various restaurants and cafes. For example, Caffe Coco is a wonderful spot to visit for desserts or famous local appetizers and they also include vegan, vegetarian and gluten free menus.

Most of the places are not open long into the night, because the island tends to be a place where most of the locals retire early. Although it might not be a perfect vacation spot for people looking for spending the nights out, it is still a wondrous oaze for those who want to gather their energy and seek a different kind of fun, through physical activities, exploring the exotic nature or trying some of the amazing recreational options.