Discover The Exotic Island of St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a sovereign island country in the east of Caribbean Sea on the boundary of Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the north east of the island saint. Vincent, North West of Barbados and south of Martinique. It covers a large area of approximately 238.23sq.mi with a population of 165,595 inhabitants.
Its capital is Castries.

St. Lucia was name given after the name of Saint Lucy of Syracuse by the French settlers of the island.
The climate of island is tropical and mostly windy. Dry season is from December to May and while June to November is wet season. The official language is English which is spoken and understand by all the citizens. The Antillean creole is used in literature and music.

About 70n percent of the population follows Roman Catholic as a religion, other religions such as Pentecostals, seventh-day Adventists, evangelicals and Anglicans can also be found on the island.

The culture of St. Lucia is highly influenced by West Indians and French. La Rose and La Marguerite are the two main festivals of their culture. The biggest festival of the year is Saint Lucia Jazz Festival which is held in May every year at different places on the island. Like other different islands St. Lucia is also very famous in carnival activities which is held every year before lent which consists of many musical and dancing competitions.


St. Lucia’s favorite dish is green figs and salt fish. West Indian, African , eastern and European food can also be found on the island such as Macaroni pie, Stew chicken, rice and peas, hearty fish broths or fish water, sea food usually stewed and browned to get thick gravy type cuisine which is very famous among visitors around the globe. Papayas, coconuts and mangoes are fresh fruits are also served with different dishes.

Places to visit:

You can go shopping for different fruits and vegetables in the Castries from the public market or can visit William Peter Boulevard shops to buy different wooden carvings, silk screened textiles and pottery. Visit Rodney bay if you are an art lover, Original antiques can also be found here. You can visit Soufriere for batik clothing. La Sikwe Historical Sugar Mill and Plantation can be visit to explore about the agricultural past of the island.


Are you planning a vacation trip to St. Lucia then you should visit beaches of the island for different water sports such as diving, surfing, and snorkeling. Beaches are very famous due to its mountainous looks and natural environment. Mud bath can be taken at Soufriere, beginners can visit Case En bas beach for water activities. Anse Chastanet is famous among divers while you can spot whales on vigie cove. Anse de Sables is a favorite spot for wind surfing.