Aruba: Explore This Spectacular Southern Caribbean Island

If you are planning to visit Aruba, Caribbean, here are some tips about what to do and see. It is well known that Aruba is a place for exotic vacations, so, no wonder some of the things you will surely want to visit are its famous beaches. One of those is Baby beach, a shallow lagoon in Seroe Colorado. Eagle beach, on the other hand, is a big, expansive location, always vibrant with life and various activities.

For those with a more romantic disposition, visit the California lighthouse, built around 1916 and named after a wrecked steamship. The landscape surrounding it is almost like a scene from another planet and the view of the sand dunes area is terrific. Sadly, the building itself is not open for visitors.

You can also check the ruins of the 19th century gold mines at Bushiribana, or the Natural pool in National Park Arikok, which is a unique rock formation, excellent for swimming, snorkeling or diving.

A very popular dive site is the place of the wreck of the Antilla, a German freighter from the World War Two.

If you are looking for fun, we recommend the famous bar hopping tours, a party on wheels which takes you to visit various bars, but also opens an opportunity to meet new people and share some life experience with the locals.

There are also many sailing and snorkeling adventures available, including those that also offer dinner or the so called moonlight cruises, during the nights. If you want to get a quick introduction to Aruba’s amazing history and culture, make sure you book one of the island tours that will take you to many natural and historical places. The tour styles include buses, cars, but also horseback riding , or off-the road tours, for those among you with a more adventurous soul.