Discover Oran, Algeria’s Most Popular Coastal Town and Port

Being the largest country in Africa, Algeria is a very alluring destination for many travelers. It has a unique scenery, diverse landscape, astonishing coastline and stunning multicultural heritage. Although there are many places in the country you could go to, Oran is known as the most popular coastal town and will surely leave an impression if you decide to visit its marvelous, Mediterranean beaches. As a resort, it was modeled after the famous Nice on the French Riviera, which might explain its elegance and worldwide popularity. It is a place where you will find luxury or modesty, depending on your travel style and budget, for it has something to offer to every type of a tourist.

What to do and see

City center

Built in the French middle 20th-century style, the city center is an impressive place to see. Broad boulevards, the French-style cathedral Sacré-Cœur d’Oran, and the monumental square Place du 1er Novembre. Take a walk, admire the architecture, do some shopping or have something to eat or drink in the numerous restaurants and cafes, spread across the city’s impressive core.

Fort Santa Cruz

Situated on Mount Murdjadjo, the fort, built by the Ottomans and Spaniards, during the 17th century,  is the best place for one to admire the city. Not to mention the view is simply spectacular!

The historical district

Sidi el Houari is the first district in the city and it still looks as if belonging to an ancient era. Not only it is outlandishly beautiful, it also overlooks the seaside, being built along the hill slopes. So, step onto its magical streets and allow yourself be transported in time.

Medina Jedida Market

This massive market is always lively, not to mention it sells everything you could imagine. Visiting a place would be pointless without trying to sample some of the local life and what better place for achieving it, than a huge, local market? Of course, don’t forget to bargain, for that is the way things are done.

Where to eat

When it comes to food, you can choose among many extremely different, but equally exciting dining experiences. There are luxurious restaurants with glamorous atmosphere and royal service. Some of them belong to the famous hotel chains, like Le Ciel D’Oran Restaurant in the Sheraton Oran Hotel and Towers or the restaurant of Le Méridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre. There are many different restaurants in the city as well, offering everything, from local ambient to international cuisine. The budget version of dining would be the street food. It might not seem very elegant, but the food is simply amazing. One of the local specialties you definitely must try is “kerentica”, a cake made from chickpea flour and eggs.