Discover Conzumel, the Famous Mexican Cruise Destination

Conzumel is one of Mexico’s largest islands, so there are many things you can do if you decide to go there for your vacation. This island is well known for drift diving and snorkeling, but it is also a very beloved cruising destination. If you love a bit stranded spots for relaxing, you might try visiting El Cielo Conzumel, also called Heaven. It is only accessible by boat, but its beauty is very rewarding.

For a slice of history, make sure you visit El Cedral, a small village near the oldest Mayan ruin in this area, which was once probably a very important ceremonial place. Every year, in April, Conzumel holds a fair, Feria El Cedral, where people from the whole country come to watch horse races, rooster fights, rodeo, bullfighting and concerts. One of the famous events on the island is also Carnaval de Conzumel, which is an unforgettable event for many who had a chance to witness its grandeur.

Faro Celerain Eco Park is a wonderful ecological park, sheltering a lot of indigenous species, including crocodiles and sea turtles, so if you are a wildlife enthusiast, make sure you check this amazing place. While there, you can also visit the Faro Celerain Lighthouse and its maritime museum.

There are plenty of beaches where you can relax, such as Palancar and Paradise Beach. Apart from the usual water sports, you can also rent a dive charter.

There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from; you can visit Crazy King Burrito for some Mexican fast food, a more classy Jacinta Conzumel or Lobster Shack, which offers great seafood. If you haven’t developed a taste for Mexican, there are, of course, plenty other dishes available in the local restaurants, and for those with a sweet tooth, we highly recommend a small chocolate shop Chocolateria Isla Bella, which produces its own chocolate on a daily basis.