Discover and Travel to Cancun, Mexico

This tropical Yucatan location is a perfect mixture of ancient history, culture, fun and nature. It offers different types of resorts; for those more inclined towards active night and party life, as well as families or couples that prefer rest and serenity. Lovers of history simply must book tours of various Mayan and Spanish ruins, such as Chichen itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World , protected by UNESCO, Yamil Lu’um and El Rey or visit famous museums, like Museo Maya de Cancun. Mayas de Tulum is a wonderful and special site where the Mayan ruins meet the view of the vast Caribbean Sea, making it an astonishing place to visit.

Cancun is also a home of some fine Mexican restaurants where you can taste authentic food, like Peter’s Restaurante or Restaurante Benazuza. If you like to eat cheap, make sure to check on some other great places, such as Pik Nik, where most of the locals eat and you can get affordable food. We also recommend The Surfin Burrito. You can also book a tour of the Museo Sensorial del Tequila, if you are a fan of this traditional Mexican beverage. Whichever your choice, make sure you enjoy your stay in Cancun with the power of all of your senses.

The local beaches offer a lot of activities and, of course, natural beauties, but the nightlife of this place is unforgettable, as Cancun is known for it around the globe. You can taste it on your own terms, discovering attractive places as you go, giving in to your adventurous urges, or choose some of the available tours, like Cancun Nightlife Tour, that includes dinner at the Carlos’n Charlie’s restaurant, noted for their singing and dancing waiters, acrobat and music show at the Coco Bongo nightclub and a stroll through the Kukulkan Boulevard, named after a Mayan deity.