Casablanca, Morocco

Lovers of the movies from the classical Hollywood era are definitely acquainted with Casablanca, one of the more prominent cities in Morocco, North Africa. It is the town where the romantic, exciting story of the cult classic took place, and there are few who have never heard the name. Although […]

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a place of excitement, beauty and adventure that will add a flavor of unexpected to your usual routine. Visit this region if you wish to spend some time thinking and living outside of the box. The memories you will take with you, after this […]

Barbados, Caribbean

Barbados is a Caribbean island that has a reputation of a legendary tourist location. It combines the culture of West Indies with the one of their former colonial rulers, the British, which gives it a special, multicultural flare. On Barbados, you can find historic buildings, plantations, exotic, tropical nature, breathtaking […]

Nice, France

This lovely, picturesque town on the French Riviera, is a perfect introduction to the beauties of the Azure Coast. The town’s Mediterranean ┬áspirit will leave nobody indifferent, and we can only mention some of its amazing places. The Old Town of Nice is a very special experience, combining the trails […]

Discover Koh Samui, the Jewel of Thailand

There are many interesting things to do and see while in Koh Samui. Since it is an island, naturally, you can expect to find many beaches and breathtaking nature scenery. Ang Thong National Marine Park, for example, is an archipelago and a protected area with a rich variety of wildlife […]

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The small Polynesian island called Bora Bora is a place people visit when desperately looking for a temporary recluse and forgetting about their daily worries. There are, of course, plenty of things to do, while there, and here are some of the suggestions; Since beaches are unavoidable aspects of many […]

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a city known for its canals and waterways structure, which makes it resemble a more world famous Italian Venice. It is located in relative proximity to Miami, Florida(around 23 miles) and owes its name to being a 19th century fort ruled by a man named Lauderdale. Once […]

Discover and Travel to Cancun, Mexico

This tropical Yucatan location is a perfect mixture of ancient history, culture, fun and nature. It offers different types of resorts; for those more inclined towards active night and party life, as well as families or couples that prefer rest and serenity. Lovers of history simply must book tours of […]

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The enchanting Playa del Carmen, often considered the hidden treasure of Cancun in Mexico, is surely one of the most famous diving destinations in the whole world. It is not surprising, taking into account the location being extremely rich in mysterious underwater caverns and vibrant sea life. It is a […]