Travel to Byron Bay, the Australian Surfers’ Paradise

Byron Bay, in Australia, is a notable location for adventure tourism, for it features amazing natural scenery and offers a lot of different adrenaline and thrill activities. It is, of course, also a popular resort town for the whole family to enjoy and rest, being both very beautiful and compact […]

8 Bali Resorts with the Most Stunning Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are like no other. Why? Because they give a serene, magical feeling that typical pools don’t. Of course, you won’t actually be able to swim forward infinitely towards the beautiful view in front of you — but you don’t have to. Not when you can soak in it […]

Sharm El Sheikh: The Egyptian Pearl On The Red Sea

Peel the layers of history, on your magical journey to the ancient land of Egypt. Wherever you decide to go, you will surely have your hands full with organizing your time, in order to see as much of the dazzling things and places available, as your visiting schedule enables you. […]

The Best Travel Destinations for 2017

Taking into account the data from various travel portals, we present you with some of the famous destinations for the year of 2017. There are locations from all over the world on the list, so take a look at the potential hot spots and, perhaps, choose your next vacation among […]

Top 12 Luxurious Resorts in the World

We all sometimes fantasize about a luxurious vacation, although it might not be a priority for most of us. However, these are the places that prey on us from every amazing brochure and that celebrities and politicians like to frequent. Whether such vacations are or are not on your vacation […]

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a luxurious, hedonistic, hot destination, located on the Balearic Islands, in the beautiful and ever exciting Spain. It is a very well known place, mentioned even in pop music and definitely a vacation spot that many dream about. There is no lack of activity in Ibiza. It possesses […]