The Best Caribbean Summer Destinations for 2017

The Caribbean is always popular and is a great destination to visit during any part of the year. In this article, we will suggest some of the most prominent Caribbean destinations that you might want to check out this summer. Or whenever you want, for this is not one of […]

Maldives Amongst Best Value Summer Destinations For Brits

According to the TripAdvisor’s survey, the Maldives is the most beloved summer destination for British people. It is interesting since the Maldives is among the most expensive destinations, sharing a position with the glamorous Dubai, however, there are some saving possibilities which make these destinations affordable. For example, when it […]

Unexpected Places to Travel This Summer

When it comes to vacations, many people choose a usual, well-known location simply because it mostly appears on every agency list. Although the popular destinations are popular for a valid reason, there are also many less popular places worth visiting. If you happen to be in the mood for something […]

Experience Vina del Mar, the Most Popular Beach Resort in Chile

The city of Vina del Mare in the republic of Chile, is a true gem among the Southern American cities. It will attract your attention with fabulous architecture, history, charm, gastronomic creativity and wild parties. It is a destination for all generations, recognized by tourists form all over the world. One […]

Discover Nerja, the Mediterranean Jewel on Costa del Sol

The former fishing village Nerja, has truly become one of the more competitive tourist location on the always famous Costa del Sol, a Spanish region full of popular and attractive resort places. Despite the contemporary fame, it still possesses the charisma of its long history, and is one of the […]

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates has definitely become a very popular vacation destination. Its luxurious architecture and modernity rising from the desert make it a dream location for anyone who dreams of celebrity lives, and the luxuries money can buy. Here we bring you a list of […]

The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Who doesn’t like islands? They represent adventure and danger, appear in many legends of creations and are people’s first choice for summer vacations. Although it would be impossible to list all of the world’s amazing islands, in this article we shall present some of them. Palawan, Philippines Some of the […]

Best Tropical Destinations

The winter is coming, as the protagonists of the famous fantasy soap opera would say, but this is not a reason for people to stop fantasizing and planning their next summer vacation. If you are among the lucky ones, perhaps you won’t have to fantasize at all, but visit these […]