Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Cuba

There are not many individuals who are not acquainted with the reputation of Cuba. Turbulent history, amazing nature, abundant culture life, and, of course, Cuban cigars. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most well-known Cuban tourist attractions. Old Havana The old town of Havana is […]

Valparaiso is Spontaneous Seaside Adventure

Valparaiso is a city of unusual composition, full of colored houses spread across the hills, and a clash between modernity and antiquity. The west part of the town is where the old town’s core lies and where you will find the famous squares, like Plaza Aduana or Plaza Victoria. The […]

Discover Oran, Algeria’s Most Popular Coastal Town and Port

Being the largest country in Africa, Algeria is a very alluring destination for many travelers. It has a unique scenery, diverse landscape, astonishing coastline and stunning multicultural heritage. Although there are many places in the country you could go to, Oran is known as the most popular coastal town and […]

Crete, Greece

Crete is the biggest and most populated Greek island, as well as the center of once powerful, ancient Minoan civilization. Its famous cities are Heraklion, the capital, Chania, Sitia, Agios Nikolaos, Rethymno and Ierapetra, each of them offering something unique to the visitors. Sightseeing The island offers many museum, such […]

Underrated Destinations That Make Amazing Summer Vacation Spots

Dominica Dominica is a tiny Caribbean island with great natural diversity. It features volcanos, waterfalls, rainforests, mountains, hot springs, rivers, and lakes. Most of the territory has been protected by UNESCO, not to mention it is a rare tourist destination with such a large percentage of flora and fauna. Basically, […]

Best Euro Summer Vacation Destinations for 2017

Europe has a long tourist history and is definitely still holding up an equally formidable position in comparison with the other destinations of the world. If you plan on visiting European locations this summer, here are some of the popular vacation possibilities. Sete, France Sete is a Southern France city […]

Best Holiday Destinations for Summer 2017

The summer is the favorite period for many people when it comes to travel and the choice of astounding destinations has never been wider. although it is impossible to make a proper list of all potentially great destinations to visit, every season seems to have locations that attract the majority […]

Best Southern Destinations for Your Summer Vacation

Austin, Texas Austin is a cosmopolitan destination with a lot of cultural and recreational opportunities; movie theaters, music venues, spa resorts, restaurants. It is a perfect place for traveling families or groups of friends looking for some serious fun. Big Bend National Park, Texas Being one of the most beautiful […]