Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There are not enough words to try and describe the glamorous Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s unique capital, so, if you ever get a chance, make sure to visit this outstanding city. This article will try to give you some basic information on the most distinguished locations to visit in Rio […]

Get ready for another amazing Greek destination: Corfu

Get ready for another amazing Greek destination. Corfu, on the Ionian Islands, has been a long term favorite of many travelers. Explore the ancient, Mediterranean streets, visit museums, go for a climb or a hike, relax on the beach or visit a scuba center-all this, and much more, is possible […]

What to see in Taipei, Taiwan?

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan that is definitely becoming a tourist hot spot. It is modern and ancient, multicultural and exciting, vibrant with old wisdom of the centuries and highly contemporary entertainment. We chose few of the numerous things worthy of seeing to represent in this short article. […]

Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Venezuela is an exotic destination that is easily affordable even to budget travelers. Of course, take all the precautions and inform yourself on safety behavior in order to enjoy your stay in this South American country. This article will give you some basic information on the elusive Isla de Margarita, […]

11 Amazing Sunset Spots in Europe

We will start right away on this one with a list of the best places to catch the sunset in Europe. 1) Amsterdam, for it is the place to come for a beach holiday. However, this cool urban beach (which is man-made) is the perfect place in Amsterdam to enjoy […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

10) Jog Falls, India: Deep in the state of Karnataka lies the majestic Jog (or Joga) Falls, also known as the second steepest waterfall in all of India. When to go? Though pleasant throughout the year, Spring to early Summer (April to July) is the best time to go for […]

The 10 Most Popular Luxury Destinations In Greece

1)Santorini.  For this place is the definition of luxury.  This place consists of  the most spectacular natural canvas; the sun setting below the horizon makes the volcanic cliffs beneath your feet even more breathtaking with each passing breath. The gulls swoop making  white brush strokes above the navy blue  Aegean. […]

The World’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Lana Del Rey has romanticised the concept of a honeymoon so well. And for good. So now  we may wonder what are the best places for it. 1)The Seychelles . Commencing our list is  the beautiful and the archetypal Indian Ocean paradise. There are palm-fringed beaches shelving gently into an […]

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Montserrat

You definitely want to visit something that is called The Emerald Island, and that is Montserrat. This unusual place was partly transformed by volcanic disasters, so some of its parts might look like something from a science fiction movie, but there are also typical Caribbean tropical fantasy spots. And these […]