Travel to Camps Bay, South African Diamond Located on the Atlantic Ocean

Cape Town is a South African city, currently in the state of rapid growth and development. It is a multicultural place, dating back to 17th century and one of the top tourist destinations in South Africa. Although there are many captivating locations in this part of the world, Cape Town is most notably known for Camps Bay, a majestic beach underneath the towering shadow of Table Mountain, and a unique meeting place of diverse natural scenery. This beach, apart from being an ideal location for the whole family, is also a very popular filming location, so, it is difficult not to encounter cameras and crowds, which will make your visits unpredictable and interesting.

As a respectable tourist spot, Camps Bay is extremely water sport oriented. Whenever you find yourself there, you will definitely witness surfers, swimmers and volleyball players. This is a very active beach that offers a lot of fun and recreation, as well as some good rest.

There are restaurants, cafes and shops nearby, making sure that visitors are by no means lacking anything. Every service you might need is situated conveniently in relative proximity, ensuring that your stay is beyond worry. This area is also a resort location, so you will find numerous hotels and other types of accommodation near Camps Bay.

Another popular beach, situated very near, is Clifton, or, more accurately, Cliftons, for there are four beaches bearing this name. If you are not sure what to visit, you can choose one of the many tours, like Cape Peninsula Tour or Winelands Tour, or, perhaps, some of the tours more adventurous by nature, that include paragliding or helicopter charters.

Of course, it is perfectly alright not to care for such excitements and prefer enjoying nice meal or drink in a bar or restaurant. Some of the more popular are Tuscany Beach Restaurant, Von Kamptz Restaurant, Barocca Club, Codfather and The Bungalow Restaurant, but, there are, of course, many more, all offering various dishes and drinks. If you manage to catch a glimpse of the famous Camps Bay sunset, while dining, you will get an exclusive experience of a lifetime.

If you want to experience a very specific perspective of the Bay, you might want to consider visiting Sandy B, an exclusive beach club owned by the Bay Hotel, a very luxurious and aesthetically pleasing place. If you like a bit of the VIP touch illusions during your holidays, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it. However, if that is not the atmosphere you crave for, rest assured that Camps Bay is crowded with places that hold a more intimate vibe, as well as romantic, desolate spots where you can spend your time without unwanted attention.