Boracay, Philippines

Boracay in Philippines is a place of many attractions, as we will try to prove to you, in this article. If you tend to pay attention to the nature of the places you travel to, try climbing the Mount Luho, the most impressive viewpoint on the island or visit Boracay Rock, a specific natural formation that can hardly be described by words.

The island has many beaches which will grant you a unique perspective; if you want a view of the volcanic nature of the island, Balinghai Beach Resort on a cliff above a cove is the ideal position. Visiting the beach Diniwid will, on the other hand, give you the most complete view of Boracay. In the waters near Boat Station, you will see a castle-shaped volcanic formation called Willy’s Rock, with a small chapel, situated on its top. It is one of the most photographed place on the island and a very beloved tourist spot. Another often photographed location is a large coral shelf on the southern end of White Beach. The island also offers many caves you can  visit.

Seashell Museum in the village of Ilig-iligan, includes some very interesting collection of shells, as well as other fascinating objects and information. The water sports offered in Boracay are similar as anywhere, except, perhaps, one specific activity; mermaid swimming. So, if you are quirky enough, you can try swimming with a mermaid tail!

As for your leisure time, you can choose between various types of places. Visit Two Kings, for a burger and free billiard, or Cocomangas Shooter Bar for heavy partying and dancing. If you would like to hear some reggae, Caribbean, Philippine and Aboriginal musical mixtures, go see a live show in Bombom Bar. Anyhow, choose your music, food and drink and enjoy your amazing Barocay vacation.