Best Holiday Destinations for Summer 2017

The summer is the favorite period for many people when it comes to travel and the choice of astounding destinations has never been wider. although it is impossible to make a proper list of all potentially great destinations to visit, every season seems to have locations that attract the majority of the tourist population. Here are some of the most popular summer destinations concerning the summer of 2017.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have a little bit for everyone. The various activities and theme parks will amaze the families with children, the beaches are beautiful and diverse enough to satisfy anyone’s taste and the historical sites are plentiful.

The Red Sea

The nature of this area is simply breathtaking, not to mention the diverse sea life that will astound those who love exploring it. if you prefer luxurious resorts, you can easily find some fine examples here, and there is no lack of history as well.


It is very difficult to do justice to Cuba in just one paragraph. the beaches are legendary, the culture and history iconic, the cuisine and local drinks unique and the fun unforgettable. Those who choose this Caribbean gem for their summer vacation destination simply cannot make a mistake.

The Balearics

The Balearic Islands have something for every type of traveler. Lovers, families, friends, solitary individual explorers…There are activities to satisfy anyone’s desires and interests. fun loving youngsters will be delighted by the nightlife of Ibiza, history enthusiasts will find many sites to admire, the natural scenery is extremely satisfying and the recreational options numerous.

Mainland Spain

Mainland Spain has never been off the tourist list, so it is no surprise it still holds a place among the most popular summer vacation destinations. visit the golden beaches of Costa del Sol, have some local dishes and tasty drinks at a charming sea restaurant and give yourself to the rhythm of the irresistible music. Whatever you might wish to do or experience, you can easily do it here.