Best Euro Summer Vacation Destinations for 2017

Europe has a long tourist history and is definitely still holding up an equally formidable position in comparison with the other destinations of the world. If you plan on visiting European locations this summer, here are some of the popular vacation possibilities.

Sete, France

Sete is a Southern France city with distinguishable historical and cultural offer. It holds the reputation of being the Venice of the region, which definitely speaks for itself. Recently, it has been hosting some of the popular music festivals, like Convenanza and the Worldwide Music Festival which serves as an extra reason to visit this beautiful place.

Bled, Slovenia

This picturesque lake, surrounded by mountains has become a very popular tourist spot. If you love wondrous fairy-tale like scenery, this could be the perfect place for you.

Alentejo, Portugal

Portugal is rather popular, but if you are looking for something quieter, Alentejo is the place for you. It is as romantic, historic and beautiful as the more popular Portuguese locations, but more likely to offer some secluded beaches. The region is also famous for its wine production.

Bornholm, Denmark

The Baltic Sea can be equally attractive if you know where to go. This island is the sunniest place in Denmark, crowded with sand beaches and tasty local cuisine.

Hvar, Croatia

Croatian coast has many attractions, but the island Hvar is by far the most popular location. It has everything one might need from a vacation spot: beaches, nature, historical towns, and Mediterranean food.

Marche, Italy

Situated near Florence , Marche is a beautiful region full of lovely hamlets, seaside resorts, and medieval architecture. It holds a reputation for becoming a “new Tuscany”, so it is definitely worthy of your time.

Sozopol, Bulgaria

This old city is the most beautiful resort in the region. The architecture is ancient and charming and the atmosphere during the summer months is simply amazing. There is live music on almost every corner, so, if you’ve never considered Bulgaria as a serious destination, it might be the time you changed your mind.