Barbados, Caribbean

Barbados is a Caribbean island that has a reputation of a legendary tourist location. It combines the culture of West Indies with the one of their former colonial rulers, the British, which gives it a special, multicultural flare. On Barbados, you can find historic buildings, plantations, exotic, tropical nature, breathtaking coral-sand beaches and botanical gardens.

Crane Beach is one of the places you must visit, for it is the island’s most famous beach, always crowded with visitors. Make sure to visit the lovely village of Bathsheba, which is a well known attraction, situated near the Andromeda Botanic Gardens, specialized in tropical plants and bearded fig trees that, possibly, gave their name to the island itself. (Barbados, meaning the bearded ones.) Another famous site nearby is the Flower Forest, located on the grounds of a former sugar plantation, where you can admire the amazing tropical flora.barbados-caribbean22

Welchman Hall Gully is a protected gully that features more than two hundred species of plants and is a home of green monkeys, also open to visitors of the island. If you prefer a more sinister side of natural beauties, you can visit Harrison’s Cave, a crystallized limestone cavern, where you can take a route via electric tram.

As for historical sites, St. Nicholas Abbey is a building in a Jacobean style, that was once the center of a sugar cane plantation. Farley Hill National Park is a hilltop garden with the ruins of another rich plantation house, and, as such, an interesting mixture of nature and culture, reminding the visitors of the ephemeral human legacy.

Opposite Farley Hill, you will find Barbados Wildlife Reserve, where you can walk among the animals, such as iguanas, deer and tortoises.

The most popular museum on the island is the 17th century Sunbury Plantation, offering insight into the life of the plantation from many centuries ago.

Most of the nightclubs in Barbados can be found in St. Lawrence Gap and Holetown. They often feature live entertainment, especially local music styles-calypso and reggae. Some of the most famous clubs are Red Door Lounge and Harbor Lights. You can also book a specific entertainment tour, that offers dinner, show and cruise, usually with a certain theme, like, for example, pirates.