Author: Ana

Jodhpur, India

India requires no introduction, for it is one of the most attractive destinations for people from all over the world. Its rich culture, history, religion and incredible nature spark the interests of all sorts of different individuals, drawn each day to its alluring borders. In this article, we will introduce […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There are not enough words to try and describe the glamorous Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s unique capital, so, if you ever get a chance, make sure to visit this outstanding city. This article will try to give you some basic information on the most distinguished locations to visit in Rio […]

Get ready for another amazing Greek destination: Corfu

Get ready for another amazing Greek destination. Corfu, on the Ionian Islands, has been a long term favorite of many travelers. Explore the ancient, Mediterranean streets, visit museums, go for a climb or a hike, relax on the beach or visit a scuba center-all this, and much more, is possible […]

Surfers Paradise, Australia

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia is a great location for a perfect family vacation, offering wild nightlife, many attraction, excellent shopping and dining places and very attractive beaches, full of various recreational possibilities. It has something for each generation, and an exciting array of amazing, diverse tours. In […]

What to see in Taipei, Taiwan?

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan that is definitely becoming a tourist hot spot. It is modern and ancient, multicultural and exciting, vibrant with old wisdom of the centuries and highly contemporary entertainment. We chose few of the numerous things worthy of seeing to represent in this short article. […]

Zanzibar, Tanzania

This charming island in Tanzania is a place of highly interesting cultural heritage and its tropical settings make it a very desirable tourist destination. It is called Spice Island by some, and it is not difficult to tell why, for its reputation concerning spices and food is international. So, make […]

Bahamas, Caribbean

The Bahamas are definitely the top destination of the alluring and ever popular Caribbean. Its beaches are among the most beautiful in the whole world and it attracts the most rich and famous individuals, being their luxury resort. Taking into account it used to be a pirate location in the […]

Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius is an African island that is slowly gaining more and more recognition in the world of tourism, so, we prepared some of the basic information on what to visit if you decide to go there for your vacation. Grand Baie This town has everything you might need form a […]