15 Places People Mysteriously Keep Disappearing From

There are so many places around the world where people have vanished. Either they were aloe or they were travelling in a group. They were never found again from these places. Here is the list of 15 places from where people have disappeared:

 1. The Bermuda Triangle

We are staring with the place named the Bermuda Triangle. Over the years many people have disappeared from here. The stretch of ocean, spanning from South Florida to Puerto Rico to Bermuda is the place where in 1918 USS Cyclops with 309 crewmen vanished. The planes and ships were never found again.

2. The Michigan Triangle

This place extends between Michigan and Wisconsin. Although it is not really famous but there are number of prominent disappearances from here. The most famous is Northwest Airlines Flight 2501, which in 1950 flowing into the triangle with 58 passengers and never emerged.

3. The Bennington Triangle

This is another triangle that is located in southwestern Vermont. During 1945 and 1950 five people went missing from this place. The surprising fact is that one of that person was riding a moving bus. The people who disappeared were in age from an 8 year-old boy to a 74 year-old woman.

4. The Nevada Triangle

The Nevada triangle is located in the state of Nevada consisting of 25,000 square mile stretch of desert and mountains. The site is known for number of disappearance, the vicinity of the notorious Area 51 military zone. The most recent incident was when Steve Fossett a famous aviator and adventurer flew here and went missing. Although there was a massive search for this person in 2007 but it gave no real results.

5. Roanoke Colony

This colony was founded back in 1585 by English colonist. It is one of the mysterious places that were the earliest recorded. The governor of this place sailed to England for the purpose of supplies but when he came back after three years there was no one. No one knows that how this colony abandoned only the word ‘CROATOAN’, the name of a tribe of local native Americans, etched into a tree gives some information.

6. The Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea is the Atlantic Ocean and known for ghost ships. In 1872 Mary Celeste was found from here along with abundant fuel and food. No one still knows that what happened with the crew and where they have gone.

7. Lake Superior

Over the centuries this place has vanished couple of ships. According to an estimate more than 200 ships have sunk beneath the cold surface of this Lake Superior. Most of them were not even found after disappearing.

8. The South Atlantic Anomaly

The Van Allen radiation belt is the closest to the Earth. This area is near to the Atlantic Ocean near Brazil and bombarded with protons and energies reaching over 10 million volts. This energy is the reason for the crash of Air France flight 447, in which 228 people died.

9. America’s National Parks

In the past 150 years more than 1,100 people have gone missing from this place. This park spreads more than 84 million acres of land. The surprising fact is that most of the people that went missing were hikers. All of these people were never found again.

10. Highway 16

The highway is located in British Columbia, Canada that is known for number of disappearance from the past few years. Mostly young women vanish from this place and the first women who was found missing was also women named as Monica Ingas. She was disappeared back in 1975 and from that time more than 16 people have vanished from highway 16.

11. Lake Anjikuni

This place is located in Nunavut, Canada which is basically a fur trapper stumbled upon a small village near by a lake. This was deserted back in 1930 where strangely many dwellings had pots of food hung over. The dead dogs were also found but there no clue that how and where the village has gone.

12. Flannan Isles

The Flannan Isles is the location of the lighthouse at the coast of Scotland. In 1900, a ship found that no lights were coming from the lighthouse so they wanted to investigate. A group of three lighthouse keepers was sent there but no one knows that what happened with them.

13. The Devil Sea

There is a devil sea near the country of Japan known for suspicious disappearance of people. In 1952, the Japanese government decided to investigate this place and sent a team of 31 people to the devil sea. This team was never seen again because they vanished into the sea.

14. Suvia Bay, Turkey

The Suvia Bay, Turkey is the place from where the entire battalion of English soldiers vanished during World War I. According to facts a strange cloud was seen and this battalion of English soldiers marched into it. They never returned and Turkish government had no record of these people.

15. Mesa Verde, Colorado

More than thousands years ago ancient people built tremendously complex dwellings carved into the Rocky Mountains. They abandoned the dwellings after some time without any reason and no one knows that why this happened.